Zero (alien_zero) wrote in hermits_unite,

"If you answered no to "you do not work or go to school outside the home", all other questions you agreed with are void. Why don't you go play with your friend the sun, outsider."

Since joining this group, I've gotten a job where I sometimes even work outside. And I have to interact with people. I frequently have to meet *NEW* people and be around them for days at a time. Even though I keep to myself while I’m at work as much as possible, i'm still breaking the Golden Hermit Rule (I go on fishing boats and play with sea creatures. I avoid the fishermen. I love the hermit crabs.)

Sometimes, I have to call people on the *gasp* TELEPHONE. One day I called 114 people.

I'm no longer a hermit. O_O

Chase me out of the community. I’m not worthy. :(
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