never noticed (silentloner) wrote in hermits_unite,
never noticed

my introduction

I found out about this community and would like to introduce myself.

Most of my life i have been to myself not needing to be around many people. I don't keep up with much of television anymore since i got my fill all during my high school years.....MTV will never be the Unlike many within my age group i am not out there living the wild life or as some people say doing what "young people" should do.

I am mostly low key and don't mind hanging out with someone that can be trusted. I have to many interest ranging from personalities, psychology, what makes us tick, and all the interesting tidbits that make us human. Love to research and read so books and the net have become good friends. I started writing after my high school years mainly as a release. So basically i am the guy that can blend in and disappear without being noticed. I hope to read the future posting in this community.
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