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I guess people would probably call me a recovering hermit. Personally I find the absence of human contact calming but ultimately I got bored of people pestering me to go out and ran out of money. So I got a job, for the family business which was a mistake because no-one gets up in your face quite like family do, but hey at least they won't fire me when I have a bi weekly loss of patience...

Currently I'm fine tuning the ability to mentally shut out other people. It's going pretty well but I have to fight back the urge to throttle them when they chatter away to no-one in particular and then expect me to have paid attention to the whole irrelevant monologue. If you are talking to me you had better make damn sure you flag it before you start talking because if you don't I'm really not going to put in the effort to listen.

All in all it's better than being poor and having to go down the jobcentre to get patronised so I can handle it. I still end up making the occasional break for freedom but I haven't yet got further than a hundred miles from home before grudgingly admitting that I will actually have to turn around and go back.

So anyway. Hello.
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