abandonedknight (abandonedknight) wrote in hermits_unite,

They say that women, if asked without looking down to describe in detail the clothing they're wearing, could rattle off every item to the last piece of fluff hanging for their sweaters.

...half the time I have absolutely no idea what I'm wearing, and I've made it a great source of distress as of late. Yesterday I actually dared to go outside *le gasp* and realized that not only did I have to change out of my comfortable hermitly robes, but that out of some consideration for those I was accomapnying I had to make some effort to dress well.

It got me thinking (I have way too much time)...what are your hermitly robes? PJs? Jeans? Are you usually aware of them at all? Or do your clothes just sort of blend in to your surroundings?
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