Noelle (inmemoriam) wrote in hermits_unite,

i thought of it as some kind of entrance-exam.  or meme.  i'm a hermit so it was fun, for me.  *nod*

If you do not agree with at least 8 of the following, you do not meet our standards of hermitism:

-1. You're most likely living on carbon dioxide. Fresh oxygen comes from outside after all, you won't have any of that.
this would be true if not for my real, live aloe plant.  otherwise yes, my home air is where my heart is.

- 2. You make sure there are no people outside before you open the door to grab the mail.
don't we all??

-3.  Your computer has a first name.
well, no.  i confess.  i don't even have a viable substitute condition for this one.

- 4. Going to the grocery store is LJ entry worthy.
well, actually, funny you should mention.  *cough*  yes.  yes it is. 

- 5. You do not work or go to school outside the home.
this is precisely why i bought all my beautiful red accent pieces.  so that i would never have to leave again. 

- 6. There are rumors going around about you, most likely questioning your death or sanity.
my sanity, yes.  my death is without question.

- 7.  You have "day" pajamas as well as "night" pajamas.
i feel so close to you now.  why, yes!  i do! 

- 8. Small factors like being awake at night and nasty weather make you feel less weird for being indoors.
that and neighborhood violence; or the frail age of my pets whom i am loathe to abandon lest they freak out and die in the quarter hour i took to go across the street for a cup of coffee... yeah, it's all good.  i feel less weird. 

- 9. Cookies are a meal :|
no.  my god...  philistines!!   *peer*  cookies are an hors d'oeuvre! 

- 10. To you, "Outsider" can mean both "outcast" and "someone who goes outside".
yeah.  praps.  although moreso my hermit mother after whom i "take" more and more as i venture into my carlsberg years.

- 11. You have more online friends than real life friends.
yes.  and, to boot, all of my real friends, with the exception of one, has become an online friend.  they have been assimilated

and wow, only 11 tenets to hermitude.  a nice uneven awkward  number.  a perfect one and another one beside it.  do i pass?  are we still alive in here?  i need help developing my hermitidity;  funding;  anything.  hermitosis is a preventable disease:  but why should i bother?  i love my hermission.  *waves*
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