Noelle (inmemoriam) wrote in hermits_unite,

i read.

i don't watch mainstream television dramas or sitcoms anymore  --  haven't in years.  i have never actually seen a "house" --  i have never seen a "lost"  --  i have never seen a "big brother"  --  i have never seen a "survivor" past the very first season  --  i have never seen a "queer as folk"  --  i have never seen an "arrested development"  (though that's the one i regret missing)  --  i have never seen a "fat actress" --   i have never seen a CSI spinoff  --  i have never seen a law&order spinoff  --  i have never seen a "desperate housewives"  --   i will not have MTV or music video porn whatever on in my house at all, so award shows for least-dressed and other crap are out of the question  --  the only drama i've seen recently is "the west wing" which my father will have on at his house when it's important; and my mother has shown me bits and pieces of house because she absolutely adores hugh housey.

i deal with words, myself.  little words.  big words.  words on a page.  in books.  i read.  i study.  i put words on pages too.  polyphiloprogenitive.  *nod* 
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