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her·mit (hûrmt) n. - A person who has withdrawn from society and lives a solitary existence; a recluse.

"Hermits Unite" - Oxy-moron, yes.

This isn't so much intended to be a "MY LIFE SUCKS" community, but rather a community of hermits that can make light of their situations.


If you do not agree with at least 8 of the following, you do not meet our standards of hermitism:

- You're most likely living on carbon dioxide. Fresh oxygen comes from outside after all, you won't have any of that.

- You make sure there are no people outside before you open the door to grab the mail.

- Your computer has a first name.

- Going to the grocery store is LJ entry worthy.

- You do not work or go to school outside the home.

- There are rumors going around about you, most likely questioning your death or sanity.

- You have "day" pajamas as well as "night" pajamas.

- Small factors like being awake at night and nasty weather make you feel less weird for being indoors.

- Cookies are a meal :|

- To you, "Outsider" can mean both "outcast" and "someone who goes outside".

- You have more online friends than real life friends.

If you answered no to "you do not work or go to school outside the home", all other questions you agreed with are void. Why don't you go play with your friend the sun, outsider.

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